Sprinkles Mobile: Free cupcakes, anyone?

by Kelsey
A raspberry Sprinkles cupcake, only a tiny bit squished.

The other day while at work in downtown LA, my coworkers all surreptitiously began rising from their desks and gathering near the hallway by the elevators, whispering and gesturing toward the outdoors.

Apparently, the Sprinkles Mobile had arrived, and with it, 500 free cupcakes for the taking. They were handing out multiple flavors, but Key Lime and Raspberry were the only ones left when I made it there. This was a momentous occasion, as the cupcake fad is still persistently trendy in L.A. and, after living in the city for 4 years, I had never had an original Sprinkles cupcake before.

As it was only 10 a.m., I swore I was only going to have a nibble and save the rest for after lunch…well, at least it lasted at least a few minutes after that. The icing was rich and fluffy, as it should be, yet the cupcake itself was what really surprised me: it was moist and spongy, not flaky or greasy in the slightest. A very unique (and enjoyable) cupcake experience.

Here is some evidence of the glorious-ness of free cupcakes:

A peek inside the mobile (which is almost out, at this point.)

Surprise at work!

To get your (hopefully FREE!) cupcakes, follow the delicious vehicle on Twitter at @sprinklesmobile.

Photo credits: Kelsey Ramos.

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Gaijin Jillian July 5, 2009 - 12:19 am

I WANT IT!!! Save me one!
But seriously, when I come home, take me to Sprinkles in your fancy new car!


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