The Other Place Restaurant

by Kelsey

Always been intrigued by The Other Place in downtown SLC. It looks like the quintessential family-dining restaurant out of the 90s, with those speckled plates that have the brown stripe around the edge. When you walk by, the tables are full of families and small groups of older men gathering over breakfast.

When I found out they also served Greek food, I knew I had to stop by and check it out. Not many places where you can order gyro or spaghetti. NY steak or moussaka.

I love the family-style feel of this restaurant and how every entree includes soup and salad, choice of potato, vegetable, bread, and dessert.

The kebab and lemon rice just outright stole my heart. Plus the peas and baked potato that are included as side dishes make me laugh. I could order garlic bread or a pita, so of course I ordered pita, and look at the big boy I got (see photo below). Is it a bagel? Is it a roll? So pillowy, buttery, amazing – I don’t even care what it is. My husband ordered the gyro and it was perfect.

The charm is outrageous and legit. It is completely worth it to find street parking in downtown to eat here. Watch out for cyclists in the bike lane and get your tushy over to The Other Place now.

– Kelsey, Almost American Foodie

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