Free Ice Cream in a Restaurant

by Kelsey
If you’ve ever had a craving for ice cream while you’re in a restaurant but don’t want to tack on another $4 to your bill,’s tutorial “FREE mini ice cream in a restaurant” is the answer to your penny-pinching prayers.
The website offers dozens of little instruction photo-slideshows of easy recipes, DIY electronic and household projects, and instructions reminiscent of “How to…For Dummies,” like keeping house plants alive. If you decide to subscribe, you can watch the video instructables, too.
This particular instructable is the late-night IHOPper’s dream: it teaches you how to make ice cream while you’re sitting in your plastic-vinyl booth with only ice cubes, salt, creamer cups, and sugar packets or jam (for flavor). 
It might draw some stares from other customers or your favorite frowning waitress, but isn’t it worth it for free ice cream?

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