Camping food how-to: Nachos on the propane stove

by Kelsey

I realized I’m always very boasty about our camping food. It’s because I’m very proud of it and because we haven’t camped much and I’m happy about any small achievements we make together. But we really are all about getting people out to sleep in a tent and saturate their clothes with the warming smell of campfire, so we hate to elevate ourselves so snootily with my camp food hubris. 

Because of this, I will share with you our best camping secrets — and also show you cool photos I’ve transformed with the Instagram app for iPhones.

How to make camp nachos when you forgot to bring nacho stuff 
(but conveniently have chips)

camping nachos

1. Spread chips out evenly in a frying pan.
2. Break up sandwich cheese on top (or string cheese, or whatever you have — shredded cheese is ideal, warm nacho cheese is best but you probably didn’t pack that)
3. Cover and cook on low heat on propane stove (or over campfire if you have a cast-iron pan), so as not to burn the chips
4. When cheese is fully melted, serve on a plate and douse with hot sauce of choice (salsa is best because it won’t scorch your mouth so much, but use whatever you have)
5. Voila! Nachos while camping when you forgot to bring nacho stuff (but conveniently have chips)

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