3BuckBites.com: Frugal Nosh’s First “Bite”

by Kelsey

Frugal Nosh’s first “bite” as a Dictator on 3BuckBites.com was published today: click here to check it out! Wrote about the delicious brioche topped with Nutella and fresh strawberries that I reviewed from Westwood’s Espresso Profeta earlier this month.

A little peek at this delicious Bite:
3BuckBites - Profeta

Just to clarify: as a Dictator for the website, I am responsible for regular weekly submissions of Bites from around LA – all the Bites must be $3.99 or under, and it can be anything from desserts to appetizers, 4-star restaurants to trucks and shacks. Importantly, 3BuckBites has a commitment to interesting, exceptional, and quality food that is a great deal for what you get. Dictators are also in charge of reviewing Bites submitted by Non-Dictators (who are definitely welcome and highly encouraged to submit their own) in order to pick the highest quality submissions to post on the website.

If you have any foodie tips for 3 Buck Bites (favorite treats around LA that are $3.99 or under), please let me know or submit it on the website! Stay tuned for more LA deals.

See full “bite” here: http://3buckbites.com/3buckbites/brioche-at-espreso-profeta/
See Frugal Nosh’s review of Espresso Profeta: http://www.frugalnosh.com/2009/02/espresso-profeta.html

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Esteban March 25, 2009 - 6:39 am

Saw your site from 3bb, wanted to say hello. Westwood is cheap-food heaven (I know because younger siblings are all current Bruins and they keep hitting me up for cash)

christine March 25, 2009 - 2:04 pm

you know how long i stared at that photo in all its luscious, fresh-berried, chocolate-smothered glory? as LEAST three times as long as it would take to say that previous sentence 🙂


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