Review: Julian Pie Company

by Kelsey
Anyone who knows anything about San Diego has heard of Julian apple pie. Less than 2,000 people live in Julian, but somehow these small-town residents have put themselves on the map satisfying happy tummies everywhere with their perfect apple pie.
When I took a road trip last weekend with a friend whose family lives in Santa Ysabel, a neighboring town to Julian, she made sure that the former mining town was on our agenda. And when we did finally stop there on our way back to L.A., it was definitely worth it.

I left with a whole freshly-baked original apple pie ($12.95-$14.95) in tow to share with friends from home. Baked pies keep for up to three days at room temperature, and longer if refrigerated; frozen unbaked pies can be stored in the freezer and are perfect for special occasions.

The original apple pie is so good that it’s difficult to describe – it’s not too crumbly, not too crunchy; not too greasy and not too dry; not too sweet, not too tart; and not too gooey but with plenty of filling to balance out the crusts. It must be how Goldilocks must have felt when she ate the “just-right” dinner, but with buttery crusts and apple-cinnamony fillings instead of cold porridge. You just know that apple pie is always supposed to be made this way.

My friend ordered a slice of the natural apple pie for us to share while we were there, as you cannot pass up a slice of Julian apple pie when you’re in Julian. Slices range from $2.95-$3.95, and the natural apple is made with sweet apples and sweet apple cider, and no preservatives, sugar, or artificial flavors added. It was only lightly sweet – a perfect choice as we were eating it at 10 in the morning.

Why you would order anything else, I’m not sure, but they also offer freshly baked strawberry rhubarb, cherry, pecan, key lime and peach-apple pies; seasonal pies like pumpkin and mincemeat; creamy Wunderbars (double chocolate over peanut butter crunch), cinnamon rolls (on the weekends only), caramel apples, donuts, and cookies – among many other things. There are plenty of coffee and drink options to wash it all down.

Try a slice with a scoop of ice cream when you pass through San Diego the next time. I can guarantee that you’ll be thankful for the detour.

Julian Pie Company
2225 Main Street, Julian, CA
Daily: 9am-5pm

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JulianPieCompanyFan March 18, 2010 - 12:25 am

I love the julian pie company and i also know the owner of it

Kelsey March 18, 2010 - 4:58 am

That's neat! Glad to hear others love Julian Pie Co. too — mmm, now I want some! Thanks for your comment 🙂


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