Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer’s Market

by Kelsey
Why the Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer’s Market Rocks:
Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer's Market - Organic Stand
  • The produce and flowers are fresh as can be, offering loads of organic/pesticide-free choices, exciting varieties (mini broccoli hidden among the leaves, fresh carrots with the roots still attached, exotic mushrooms), and plenty of free samples for you to try what you don’t know. I can humbly admit that I had never heard of a pummelo grapefruit until my time at the Market.
  • On Wednesdays, the crowds are smaller. That means less crying babies in strollers, more chance to nab the samples, and a whole lot more shopping comfort.
  • The Wednesday Market is unique in its sheer size, offering so much more than the Sunday Market. It even extends down 2nd street on either side of Arizona to create a T-like market. This is, no doubt, catering to the local area chefs who frequent the mid-week market for fresh produce and restaurant flowers, but also benefits the humble individual who can compare prices and find the best deal (I saw identical bunches of ultra-thin asparagus, one for $3 and one for $1.50 just down the way).

    Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer's Market - Flowers

  • It gives you a mid-week chance to stretch your legs, enjoy the sunshine, and bask in the beauty of Southern California’s seasonal produce and fresh flowers. Check it out!

Santa Monica Farmer’s Market
Wednesdays 8:30am-1:30pm
Sundays 9:30am-1pm
Arizona Ave & 2nd St, Santa Monica

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