LA Times’ Daily Dish: Pistachio Recall, Grilled Cheese Month, and Wacky Ice Creams

by Kelsey

Some of our favorite news blurbs from the Daily Dish:

1. Pistachio Recall: Daily Dish says to hold off on purchasing these shelled favorites until Kraft figures out how to resolve the salmonella contamination at their Fresno, CA plant. No little pistachio snackies for a while.

2. April is Grilled Cheese Month!: Today is April 1, which means the start of a month honoring the American favorite, the grilled cheese sandwich. Our favorite combination for our grilled cheese is made with whole wheat bread, shredded Mexican cheeses, with fresh sliced tomatoes. Daily Dish reports that this means some specials at West LA’s Clementine’s restaurant, and also the Los Angeles Grilled Cheese Invitational on April 25. See the full blog post for more details.

3. For Ice Cream, Think Outside the Box: The feature LA Times Food article is written by someone you may have heard of: David Lebovitz. Through personal anecdotes and conversational writing, Lebovitz encourages the home chef to have creativity in making homemade ice cream, suggesting such additions as buckwheat, citric acid, candied carrots, and cream cheese to spruce up flavors. Yum.

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