Frugal Foodie Tip: Creating A Monthly Meal Plan

by Kelsey

Looking for a new way to save on dinners at home?

Frugal Nosh is loving the idea our friends at $5 Dinners came up with: monthly meal plans. The idea is that by planning out a dinner meal for each night of the month, it can save you money that oftentimes is splurged on eating-out when you aren’t in that menu-creative mood.

Erin, the $5 Dinners author, had a good tip that she wrote in her comments section of her April monthly meal plan. She sometimes bases her menu off of sales, as Manager’s Specials items can often be up to 50% off the regular price and can easily be frozen and used in meals during the following weeks. Even though it is a pain, coupon-clipping and advertisement-reading goes a long way in chipping away at your food spending.

Plan of action: if a month is too ambitious for you, create a menu plan for just this week. Go through the Thursday ads and coupons and write down ideas that will save you money, rather than just picking meals arbitrarily and having to buy all the ingredients.

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