3BuckBites.com: Diddy Riese

by Kelsey
3BuckBites - Diddy

Earlier last week, Frugal Nosh reviewed Diddy Riese, one of Westwood’s most cherished landmarks and UCLA students’ favorite dessert-y haunts.

My short review of it recently appeared on one of my other favorite sites: 3BuckBites.com. 3BuckBites writers find cheap food for food lovers near you. I am one of the Dictators (a.k.a. food writers), who are concentrated mostly in big cities across the United States but also in surrounding areas as well – if you are looking for frugal finds, this is for you.

See full review here: http://3buckbites.com/price/dirt-cheap/3-buck-bites-ice-cream-sandwich-at-diddy-riese-in-los-angeles-ca
See Frugal Nosh’s review of Diddy Riese here: http://www.frugalnosh.com/2009/04/review-diddy-riese-cookies.html

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Anonymous April 15, 2009 - 9:27 pm

I do love diddy reese…it is perhaps mah fave cookie stop of all time!


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