Review: Corner Bakery Cafe’s Old-Fashioned Oatmeal

by Kelsey
Corner Bakery Cafe - Oatmeal

Even the most generic chain restaurants have their own delicious diamonds in the rough.

The best way to spice up your breakfast is this: Corner Bakery Cafe‘s warm and filling old-fashioned oatmeal, made with creamy skim milk and topped generously with some (or all!) of your favorites: dried cranberries, brown sugar, currants, toasted walnuts, and almonds, and served with a homemade sweet crisp. All of that for the same price you’d pay for a cup of coffee ($3.49).

Because it’s easy to get overwhelmed by their many fantastic-sounding sandwich, salad, and soup choices, try their Corner Combo: a 1/2 sandwich or 1/2 panini AND a Caesar salad, mixed greens, or cup of soup.

And don’t worry about trekking around to find one of these places in your city: you can find a nearby Corner Bakery without a problem (on nearly every corner, haha) in most Southern California cities (and plenty of other states too).

Corner Bakery Cafe
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