Review: Native Foods’ Sweet Potato Fries

by Kelsey

Native Foods - Sweet Potato Fries Native Foods

Being vegan doesn’t always mean tofu and celery sticks – at least not with Native Foods’ sweet potato fries.

This vegan-food-only restaurant, with locations in Westwood and other Southern California cities, is bound to cheer you up whether you’re a plant eater or not, with pictures of friendly animals on the napkin dispensers and signs asking you to kindly leave your milk products at home. I especially liked the water dispenser with cucumbers and lemons in it.

There is plenty of seating upstairs in the Westwood location, although much of its business appears to be take-out. The service is patient, efficient, and friendly. And while much of the food appears to have been prepared earlier in the day (you can see down into the kitchen from the top story), I watched one of the cooks slicing potatoes while I was waiting for my sweet potato fries. Very reassuring.

The sweet potato fries are a new creation and not yet on the menu, and while less sweet than others I’ve had, they are made from fresh sweet potatoes and are crispy and delicious: the perfect snack to make you feel better about the world.

Native Foods
1110 1/2 Gayley Ave., LA, CA 90025
Monday-Sunday: 11am-10pm
(310) 209-1055

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