Review: Beard Papa’s Fresh’n Natural Cream Puffs

by Kelsey
Beard Papa's: Chocolate Cream PuffBeard Papa's: Vanilla Cream Puff

Frozen-section mini cream puffs are no match for this cream puff heaven, crammed among Sawtelle Boulevard’s Asian foods.

Think: a light and flaky puff pastry baked in-house, then filled upon ordering with fresh, rich, all-natural custard and whipped cream in the flavor of your choice, and dusted with chocolate, powdered sugar, or other tasty toppings. Delish.

The three flavors of the day rotate between chocolate, vanilla, green tea, strawberry, coffee, and earl grey tea, among others. At only $1.95 for a yummy cream puff the size of your fist, you can justify trying all three flavors to meet the $5 minimum for credit cards.

Beard Papa’s
2130 Sawtelle Blvd. Suite #110, LA, CA 90025
11am-1opm every day
(310) 479-6665
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