Mr. Charlie’s Chicken Fingers

by Kelsey

This is my favorite fried chicken in a state full of chicken fast food restaurants. Tried a lot of other chicken places but I keep coming back to Mr. Charlie’s for the simplicity and consistency. The sauces, the crispiness, the fries, the service, the giant pieces of chicken. Can’t stop bugging my friends by telling them to go.

I think they have the biggest chicken fingers of most poultry establishments. Huge portions. There are regular and fun sauces with rotating flavors, and the restaurants are clean with good service. The sides are all solid – Texas toast, fries, coleslaw.

The lines at the original location get very long at lunch time because it’s so popular and everything is prepared fresh, so be prepared to wait. They do a good job getting everyone through. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and a lot of people do takeout. I love the new Draper location which has more space and a drive-thru. The drive-thru which makes it super easy to take your piping hot chicken fingers straight to the park for some fast food alfresco dining. So far I’ve had no sogginess even when taking it to-go.

They have a simple menu and easy-to-understand sauces. They’ve changed their menu to be even simpler in the past few years. Now you order by 2, 4, or 6 chicken fingers and they all include fries, slaw, sauces, and Texas toast. Or there’s a kid size with 1 finger and sides, or a family size with 20 fingers and sides. There are also wraps, Po’Boys (fingers on a roll), a salad (I mean, why), loaded fries, and chicken & waffle.

The sauces feature the usual suspects – ranch, buffalo, BBQ, honey mustard – as well as Charlie Sauce and featured seasonal flavors.

Don’t mess with the other chicken places. This is what you want. Have you been to @mrcharlieschickenfingers? What’s your favorite sauce?

– Kelsey, Almost American Foodie

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