Welcome to the new Frugal Nosh

by Kelsey

In this day and age, the role of blogs seems to be constantly changing.

They have been a thing of one’s personal life, a connection with friends and family who are abroad or who want to stay up to date with first words and graduations and accomplishments. Virtual, ongoing newsletters.

They have been an outlet for creativity — to gain feedback for one’s poetry, musings, rantings, writings. Blank canvases.

They have been an informal news source, about celebrities and politics and opinion and sports, easily and quickly updatable. Short and sweet.

In the same way, Frugal Nosh is changing.

Where we once aimed for casual and in-depth reviews of restaurants, food hideouts, tasty finds, we are shifting to more concise and topical foodie noshes — both in the interest of having a full-time job and to give you readers ever-fresh and interesting fodder.

Fresh changes you can expect to see:

  • More updates.
  • More concise posts with frugal tips and foodie recommendations.
  • More delicious visuals, including Photo Bites, great original and reader photos of yummy food and the dining culture.
  • More reader interaction — that’s where you come in.

We need your help.

Have a great tip for saving money on groceries or eating out? Share it. Eat at a great restaurant and have to tell someone about it? Give us the dirt. Try to include a photo if you can, or just send us a tasty photo of your own with a short description and photo credits, and send it to us via the email on our Contact page. We’ll go through submissions and feature ideas we share your interest in.

Questions or suggestions regarding our changes? Jump in the discussion in the Comments section below.

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