Review: Goldfish Point Cafe

by Kelsey

Goldfish Point Cafe Goldfish Point Cafe: Arnold Palmer

While on a trip to La Jolla, a friend urged us to wait on ordering our Starbucks lattes because he “had a feeling” that there would be something cooler, more unique to the area.

He was right, and the Goldfish Point Cafe was that hidden gem, eclectic and laid-back amidst the commercialness of the outdoor shopping malls near the coast.

The cafe offers a number of cafe-like things, including baked goods like fresh muffins and scones, and some breakfast items like bagels, breakfast burritos and paninis. See the full food menu here.

But we found it was best for just ordering a cool drink and sitting on the patio’s three small balconies, which overlook the ocean and are perfect for people-watching. The Arnold Palmer ($2 for 16oz) was made with fresh lemonade (the evidence: a little lemon pulp in our glasses) and was refreshing and only lightly sweet. For a full list of drinks, go here.

And although the staff wasn’t overly friendly and the bathrooms weren’t Starbucks-clean, the cafe had plenty of seating, a lot of personality, and great beverages – exactly what we were looking for.

Goldfish Point Cafe
Open Daily 8am-3pm
1255 Coast Blvd, La Jolla CA 92037
(858) 459-7407

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