My Namesake Cocktail: the Ramos Fizz

by Kelsey

What’s better to cool down in the summer heat than a drink named after you?

Well, technically, the drink is named after me (as Kelsey Ramos is the real [wo]man behind the Frugal Nosh curtain), but that doesn’t make it any less fun for you.

This week, Serious Eats highlighted the Ramos Fizz cocktail, created by bar owner Henry C. Ramos in 1888. The drink is adapted from the Silver Fizz – gin, lemon, sugar and seltzer, with an egg white for foam and body – by adding cream, lime juice, and a few drops of aromatic orange-flower water for extra pizazz.

See the full Serious Eats post here for the recipe and more details.

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Photo of Ramos Fizz used with permission by Jeff Heuer.

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