Have Fun with Breakfast: Pancake Art

by Kelsey

These are a few of my favorite things: words and pancakes. Can’t get much tastier than that.

The Kitchn highlights Avocado & Papaya blogger Jackie Kersh, a mom who thinks of awesome ways to ditch the Cheerios and help her kids play with their food…educationally. The Kitchn

Forget Helvetica or Times: go for the Pancake font. Serious Eats featured Eric Wagliardo‘s tasty new alphabet. So much more fun than those refrigerator word magnets, don’t you think? Serious Eats

Integrate the Classics: Put those cool letters into your favorite traditional pancakes for a two-toned pancake effect, using advice from Real Simple. RS

Photo credit: courtesy of Jackie Kersh, at avocado & papaya.

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