Noshing on the News: Ralphs Wins, Central Valley Produce, Openings and Closings

by Kelsey

Some tasty, newsy bites:

  • Central Valley produce, holla!: pluots, apriums, and cherubs are just some of the produce cross-breeds from part of California’s Central Valley, Frugal Nosh’s home turf. LA Times

  • We found out from Eater LA that the Japanese pastry shop Fulfilled closed its doors a few days ago (June 28) for good. Owner Susumu Tsuchihashi, says that he will turn his efforts from Fulfilled’s imagawa-yaki, a filled pancake-like pastry cooked on a cast aluminum grill, toward catering and special events. Eater LA

  • Twitter told us about the launching of GoodBite, a new food website with contributions by L.A. cooks and food bloggers (like Steamy Kitchen‘s Jaden Hair, and Deb Perelman from Smitten Kitchen) as well as Paris-based David Leibovitz.
  • Ralph’s wins: According to an LA Times Business article, the only grocery chain to see gains recently is Kroger, the parent company behind Ralph’s. Wal-Mart, Costco, and other discounters are eating into the profits of the other grocery chains. LA Times
  • Love Eating L.A.’s very observant post about the new influx of Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles, commenting that “L.A. restaurateurs finally figured out that we want good margaritas accompanied by equally good food.” So very true. Eating L.A.

Photo: fresh peaches from Fresno Farmers Market. Credit: Kelsey Ramos.

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