PhotoBite: What I’m craving right now (Hint: starts with “pan” and rhymes with cake)

by Kelsey
Pancakes - homemade

If Mardi Gras isn’t enough for you (or if it’s too much), know that today is also Pancake Tuesday (“Shrove Tuesday”) and you can celebrate with a big stack of flapjacks. There will definitely be a little breakfast-for-dinner time on my table tonight. Homey and casual Breakfast is one of my favorite things EVER and now, a whole day to celebrate it with pancakes! Rejoicing ensues.

If king cake is more your style, I’d recommend this LA Times recipe for homemade king cake with cream cheese frosting and tart apple filling. I had a slice of it this morning (never too early for King Cake) and it made my Mardi Gras day.

Happy Mardi Gras, happy Shrove Tuesday!

Photo credit: Kelsey Ramos

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