What’s your breakfast fancy? (And the story of The Breakfast.)

by Kelsey
French toast - homemade

My answer: everything. Including that French toast up there.

You already know how much I love breakfast — I’ve already reminisced about Sunday morning pancake breakfasts before church.

So naturally one of my favorite memories of college years (I’m already reminiscing about something that ended 7 months ago) also involves breakfast. It was a night a good friend came over to my tiny, barely-big-enough-to-live-in-let-alone-host-even-one-guest college apartment and we invited a bunch of friends over to cram around our little 6-chair round table and eat homemade breakfast burritos with chorizo and eggs, pancakes with all kinds of toppings and syrup, fresh fruit salad and juice.

And in high school and even a couple years into college, before we lost our unnatural childlike metabolism and developed adult taste buds for calorie-laden wine and beer, my best friend and I would spend an early morning in our pajamas attacking the process of constructing The Breakfast.

It deserves title-case because it was literally big enough to be its own entity, with a name. We’ll call it Joe. Joe, who was resurrected during the shared Cal Poly SLO-UCLA spring break, consisted of blueberry pancakes, tator tos (naturally), turkey bacon, fresh fruit, french toast sticks (I could be making that up), my best friend’s delicious scrambled eggs, “english muffins and jam for sure” (says BFF), ketchup (most people consider this a side dish — definitely elevated to main dish status for her), sausage and chorizo and various other things we felt like throwing on the table. If Joe sounds nauseating, pretend you are an 18-year-old.

Here are some really delectable breakfast recipes that I’ve been wanting to try — let me know if you make them. What else have you been eating for breakfast?

  • Edna Mae’s sour cream pancakes — doesn’t that photograph look positively LUSCIOUS? Smitten Kitchen
  • Healthy & delicious baked oatmeal. Serious Eats
  • Heart-shaped cinnamon rolls. Pinch My Salt
  • Slow-cooker ultimate breakfast casserole. A Year of Slow Cooking
  • Chilaquiles — use up those tortillas and hot sauce! Serious Eats
  • And, just for fun: a video of what Photoshop might look like if you could bake cookies with it. Serious Eats

Photo: Homemade french toast (a perfect way to use old bread!). Credit: Kelsey Ramos

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