Boston, the scene: Vox Populi, Top of the Hub

by Kelsey
View from Top of the Hub

After flying and transferring and waiting and eating peanuts and drinking airplane coffee, I couldn’t wait to feel Boston’s fresh air. (It also helped that my body believed it was three hours earlier than it actually was, but n’importe quoi).

Our first stop was Top of the Hub, one of Boston’s more well-known bar and restaurant haunts with spectacular views of the city (for a hefty price). We decided overpriced drinks and a long wait for a table weren’t worth it, snapped a few pics, and went on our merry way.

With friends at Vox Populi

Instead, we visited Vox Populi, a place Jon had heard about and wanted to check out. It was bustling, more a bar than a restaurant, with a second upstairs bar area that became more busy as the night wore on — think: college students and televised basketball games.

However, they had a lovely martini menu for some sweet prices ($11-$12), which was a nice change. One example: the Pear Tree Martini, with Grey Goose Le Poire, St-Germain Elderflower liqueur and fresh lime juice.

Top of the Hub

What are your favorite places in Boston?

Coming soon: Erbaluce, Mike’s cannolis, and Legal Seafoods.

Photos, from top: View from the Top of the Hub; enjoying friends at Vox Populi (both, credit Kelsey Ramos); Top of the Hub (maywong_photos)

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