Oysters and beer, a true Boston experience

by Kelsey

Next up on the Boston agenda: oysters and beer.

The great thing about traveling with locals is they (hopefully) don’t stop at giving you the average, run-of-the-mill tours of their town. The great thing about traveling with Amy and Jon is they also really love good food, so I felt like a winner all-around.

The day I had my first Boston oysters (and my first oysters of my life) was, naturally, a day when the heavens overflowed with rain all day long, the wind blew horizontally, and our umbrellas were mercilessly destroyed. We were soaked through, so much so that the windows on the train got all steamed up from the dampness (yuck) and we could hardly see where our stop was.

Somehow we made it to Legal Seafoods on the outskirts of Harvard Square — a little worse for the wear, but happy and ready for our dozen oysters (and brews).


Behold: my first raw oyster. I couldn’t get enough of all the different ways to eat it (I’m almost salivating just remembering it) — with hot sauce, with lemon, with cocktail sauce, with Legal’s gingery vinaigrette sauce…all so good. We took turns toasting each round.

Now, this is a true Frugal Nosh find: the oysters were 6 for $6 during happy hour (if I remember correctly). Give them a call to double check that the special is still happening, and during what times.

My first raw oyster, Legal Seafoods

I must say it again and again. You really left your warm and dry apartment to trek through the pelting rain just to get me oysters and beer? Boston hostess and host extraordinaires: Amy and Jon. Bravo.

Legal Seafoods, Cambridge

Legal Seafoods
20 University Road Cambridge , MA 02138

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