Sake is a hidden gem of a Japanese restaurant in a strip mall in Sandy. I discovered it during the pandemic and thoroughly enjoy satisfying all the Japanese cravings with their katsu, curry, ramen, and sushi. I love Sake because they are authentic, consistent in flavor, and I can always count on a quality dish no matter what I order.

We’ve tried a lot of dishes but our favorite is the chicken katsu (comes with generous portion of rice), katsu curry chicken, tempura appetizer. The ramen is good as well. The sushi is fresh and priced well and mostly has survived its takeout journey. (We only had one instance where one piece of sashimi was an unappetizing color.)

The tantanmen is my favorite ramen. Silky pork bone broth, spicy ground pork, bean spouts, egg, mushroom, green onion. Served piping hot and with a perfect amount of spice.

Or sometimes, like my husband, you just crave a perfect and simple chicken teriyaki and Sake does it right with fluffy white rice and perfect chicken.

Service has always been great. Fun dining room and lovely service or their takeout quality is also excellent. Easy to order on the phone, always ready for pickup when they estimate. They attend to all the details and have everything packaged well for no leaks on the way home.

There is seriously nothing better than a bowl of piping hot ramen on a cold Utah winter day or a katsu curry bowl any day of the year and Sake delivers on both.

– Kelsey, Almost American Foodie

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