Mint Sushi

by Kelsey

We’ve spent a lot of girls’ nights enjoying Mint Tapas and Sushi’s fresh fish and beautiful plates. They started as a restaurant in Holladay called Rice Basil, and now Mint is in four locations around the valley.

I like the elevated casual dining feel at their Cottonwood Heights location. Their Sugarhouse and Holladay location have a fancier restaurant interior. Note that the Sugarhouse location doesn’t take reservations.

The veggie tempura was delightfully crisp and the jalapeño hamachi (yellowtail belly served with jalapeño vinaigrette sauce) was light and a nice combo of flavors.

I can never resist a roll with fresh lemon. The Asteroid roll has tuna and cucumber topped with avocado, lemon slices and eel sauce. 😍

The star of the show was the tuna tataki with avocado, orange, tomato salsa in ponzu. I love the contrast of bright, sweet citrus against the buttery texture of the tuna.

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