Recipe: Making Mochi the Quick Way

by Kelsey

My roommate and I hosted two Japanese exchange students this weekend – it was a whirlwind time of cooking big home-cooked meals and inviting friends over to meet them. Before their visit ended, they pulled packages out of their luggage and asked if they could cook for us.


What they made for us: mochi, a soft Japanese rice cake made from glutinous rice that has been pounded and molded into rounded shapes. I have had the privilege of making mochi from scratch before – the benefits of having Japanese friends – but since these girls were traveling, they brought with them the next best thing: mochi (and kinako, a sweet soybean flour) from a package!

With only water, sugar, and their fancy packages, they quickly cooked this up for us to enjoy. (These ingredients can usually be found at Asian market or specialty international food stores – Ichiba Junction or Amazon sell these inexpensive products online as well.)

Recipe: Mochi-making the Quick Way


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Kinako, soybean flour whose flavor is commonly compared to peanut butter
Shiratamako, Japanese rice flour (pictured on top right)

1. Mix shiratamako powder with water in a medium bowl, form into small dollar coin-sized circles.

2. Boil water, places mochi circles in water. While mochi is boiling, mix kinako together with sugar, to taste.

3. Remove mochi from boiling water when it is soft but not dissolving.

4. Place into bowl of cold water, let cool for 5-7 minutes.

5. In small mugs/cups, fill 1/4 of cup with kinako/sugar mix. Coat cooled mochi with kinako mix, serve with a spoon, enjoy!


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