Recipe: Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce

by Kelsey

Frugal Nosh loves “How to Eat Like A Bird“‘s new post about eating small portions of really good food.

The blog’s publisher, Julie, writes about Macella Hazan’s simple and rich tomato sauce, “one of the most blogged about recipes on the Web.”

The Recipe: Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce
A can of tomatoes
About half a stick of butter
Half an onion

1. Add a little salt and cook everything in a pot, first over medium heat to get it going, then at a low simmer for under an hour. (Leave the onion intact, as it’s only there for flavor and meant to be discarded at the end).

Julie writes: “I made this recently with a small can of tomatoes (15 oz.) and what butter I had leftover—probably 4 tablespoons, and it was tremendously satisfying, turning a dry goods staple—year-old spaghetti noodles—into something of a velvety treat, while remaining on all fronts a model of economy.”

We love that idea of economic eating: polishing off great food and cleaning out your pantry of forgotten noodles at the same time. Bravo, Julie!

See full article and recipe here:

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