Some fun for your Saturday: Fall at farmers markets, Halloween recipes, hidden gems in America’s national parks

by Kelsey
Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer's Market - Organic Stand

An explanation for my long absence from Frugal Nosh:

I am now a features web producer at the Los Angeles Times.

Despite my full-time job, my insatiable desire for good food and news about good food has not been quenched. I will continue to bring you highlights about delicious things I read around the web (though I’ll say from the beginning that it will be slanted toward and write up reviews of tasty places I’ve eaten, albeit in a shorter manner.

Spend some time this weekend preparing for Halloween, reveling in fall produce, or just dreaming of wilderness travels:

  • A taste of fall at the Santa Monica farmers market: fall bounty is here in Southern California in the form of Giant Fuyu persimmons, dried Calimyrna figs, and pineapple quince. Click through this beautiful photo gallery of the autumn produce.
  • Kid-friendly Halloween recipes: Resist letting the kids (or yourself) just eat candy on Halloween night — these recipes include cozy tomato soup with ghost toasts, apple oatmeal muffins, and pumpkin-face quesadillas.
  • America’s hidden gems: The 20 least-crowded national parks in 200: It’s hard for me to not visit Yosemite at least twice a year, with its beautiful Half Dome and fluffy snow in the winter. These 20 national parks, however, are no less exotic, charming, and adventure-filled than their counter-parks…and they are less crowded.

Happy Saturday!

Great summer recipes
Santa Monica Wednesday Farmer’s Market

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