Frugal Nosh Needs Your Help at!

by Kelsey

Dear FrugalNosh readers,

I need your help with my 3BuckBites contest!

As most of you know, I am one of the Los Angeles Dictators (basically: food writer) for CitySearch’s, a website that finds delicious food items all over the United States for $3.99 or less. Since the Dictators are not paid, each week we have contests for great food prizes.

For this week’s contest, we have to get other people – friends, family, YOU – to submit “bites” to the website form, before June 11.

The blurbs just have to be 100 words or less describing the food in an interesting, fun, witty way with at least one good quality photograph of the food (and one of the restaurant doesn’t hurt either). Look at the website for examples.

This is also a great opportunity to link to your own blog or get your name out there in the photography and food writing world – many of my FrugalNosh visitors find me at 3BuckBites first.

IMPORTANT: You must write my name (Kelsey Ramos or FrugalNosh) in your snazzy description of the food, so it can be counted toward my points: it won’t be published with my name but just needs to be tallied.

Please help FrugalNosh out! Take a good pic of the next food $3.99 or under that you eat and write a quick little 50-word description. Easy. See more details below.

Thank you!

Kelsey aka FrugalNosh

Contest goes like this:

– Encourage your friends and folks to submit their bites to 3bb and have them include your name in the ‘why I like it’ textbox (tacked on at the end is fine) so I can keep track of referrals (it won’t be published on the site).
– Every submission that’s published (has a decent photo, a cute writeup, whatever) counts toward your tally!
– Dictator with the highest tally by June 11 gets requisite fame and fortune. If the competition is close, there will be runner-up prizes as well.
– Straightforward, right? On you go!

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