Review: Whole Foods Pizza-by-the-Slice

by Kelsey
Whole Foods Slice Tomato Mozzarella Pizza Whole Foods Pizza Counter

I used to believe the best part about Whole Foods was its free samples littering the store – after all, college students can’t really resist anything free.

But after a trip to Fresno’s Whole Foods location, I swore my loyalty instead to the freshly-made, hearth-baked, thin-crust pizzas, sold whole or by the slice ($2.99/slice). The margherita pizza with whole slices of fresh tomato, gooey mozzarella, and thinly sliced basil was the perfect size for a light lunch; even after all those free samples.

Before you run to your neighborhood Whole Foods and lament that yours doesn’t sell it by the slice, know that all stores are slightly different. Some sell slice-pizza priced by pound instead, which ends up costing about the same as a fixed price slice. Other locations don’t have pizza but include a build-your-own burrito (Chipotle-style) or a fresh-made sandwich bar.

In any case, most all of those food counters are good deals for a quick and filling snack or meal, and in all of my experiences at the Whole Foods stores, it boasts unbeatable service and high-quality, fresh products.

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Photos: Margherita Pizza; the pizza being fired up in the hearth-oven. Photo credit: Kelsey Ramos.

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