The Park Cafe

by Kelsey

How have I never written about breakfast at The Park Cafe?

The Park Cafe Salt Lake City

This was one of the first restaurants I ever visited in Salt Lake – it was before Hubs and I moved here, when we were visiting some friends for Thanksgiving 2010. We came really early on a Saturday morning (I think at like 7am) so we could get a table. It made it feel like a secret club – and I am a sucker for secret breakfast clubs (remember Snug’s in L.A.?)

What can I say about The Park Cafe?

It’s just…amazing.

Some of my favorite things:

They have the most delicious homemade strawberry jam. Don’t get distracted by the generic peel-off-top “fam” (fake jam) in the little packets! The good stuff is right on the tables in little jars.

The chai tea latte is heaven.

Almost all the breakfasts come with “park potatoes”, which are half-diced/half-smashed real potatoes all crunchy and flavorful from the grill. Yum!

Keep an eye on the daily specials – they usually have some kind of really good Mexican breakfast on special (although when I came the other day for lunch, it was country fried steak – equally delicious. See photo above.) Though all the omelets are great, and the Michigan Hash is not to be missed, I practically always get the special – so good! And it usually comes with homemade black refried beans.

It’s one of the few trendy breakfast places in SLC that still is affordable for breakfast. (I mean, seriously, people, eggs are cheap! Don’t overcharge us!)

Check out the t-shirts and mugs for sale – they look like a skull face, but with eggs for eyes and bacon for a mouth. Adorable/so cool.

Portion sizes are huge, breakfast is served all day, coffee refills are bottomless, and if there’s a line when you get there (expect one if you come on the weekends for breakfast) you can grab a mug and hot coffee from the table by the door while you’re waiting.

Love The Park Cafe!

Their website is not very spectacular but it has the menu on it with (I think updated) prices.

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