Still thinking about how absolutely excellent the service at Nohm was. Sometimes we get cynical about restaurant standards and then a place like this surprises me and blows my socks off. Cannot wait to return. 

We first visited Nohm in 2022 before they temporarily closed and revamped their menu. The concept is modern izakaya – a Japanese bar with snacks – and the communal concept of dishes to share makes the restaurant so fun and lively. At that visit we tried the vegetarian spicy rice cake (like Korean tteokbokki), chili-fried cauliflower, grilled skewers (chef’s choice), and the chive pancake. All amazing.

Loved this detail – a server brings by a tray and you choose your own sake cup from their beautiful variety of unique pottery. I love when restaurants have their own signature touches.

Make it a whole night out like we did and start (or end) with a trip to Water Witch next door. The scene in this little nook by the Temple St. freeway entrance is getting so fun – just around one corner is Central 9th Market and Laziz, and The Pearl is around another corner.

The service at Nohm was better than I’ve seen in a long time in SLC. Top notch. Thanks to the staff and chef for a perfect first-time experience! Can’t wait to return. 

– Kelsey, Almost American Foodie

This review was originally written in July 2022 and updated in February 2024.

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