Facil Taqueria

by Kelsey

There are probably no better fusion tacos in town than the ones at Facil Taqueria. I tried them way back when they were only a food truck and was so pleased to finally get to try their brick-and-mortar menu.

The location is in a tiny strip mall in Holladay but it’s close to the freeway and there’s always parking. Plenty of seating, cool and trendy inside. The service was quick so I was able to get my tacos to-go and get back to work. The menu is simple but so creative and interesting. They also have burritos, tortilla soup, birria, and an interesting looking house salad with spinach, goat cheese, charred citrus vinaigrette.

The cauliflower tacos are the best taco I’ve ever had. These are not typical Mexican tacos (which have my heart too) but Facil tacos flavor-punch you in the best way possible. The cauliflower taco has avocado, carrot chips, cilantro, carrot and arbol hot sauce. I don’t know how they do it but the sum of each part is ridiculously better than you’d think.

Also tried the squash and poblano (almond & ancho chile salsa, cotija, scallion), and the Nashville Hot Chicken because it sounded so outrageous (hot Utah honey, escabeche, sesame & pepita salsa macha. The squash was lovely and complex and filling. The hot chicken was hilarious and very fun. The piece of chicken was enormous and there was no way you could bite into it – it’s a fork and knife situation – but I enjoyed it despite the greasy messiness of it. Next time I want to try the local mushroom taco and the chicken tinga.

I was also happy to see they have a liquor license and some interesting drinks on their drink menu. Next time I’ll eat here and get a margarita!

Don’t miss Facil – it is fusion in the best way possible and I can’t believe I’m so lucky to work 5 minutes away.

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