Why I’m unashamed to admit that lettuce wraps from PF Chang’s are the best

by Kelsey

Am I embarrassed that we do occasional celebration meals at PF Chang’s? No way. My choice is most often to support local small businesses but food is funny and sometimes you want to follow nostalgia and family traditions. While I don’t always love the quirks of this particular location in downtown Salt Lake, I can endure for their consistently delicious food. I am always raving about their lettuce wraps – this beef with broccoli was also just. so. good. Thick, juicy slices of beef, perfectly cooked broccoli with a nice bite, the right balance of salty-sweet in the sauce. And with sort of dismal Chinese food selections in SLC, I will take this comfort option with a big dose of #sorrynotsorry. Tell me: Do you unapologetically love PF Chang’s or some other chain? What’s your go-to dish?

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