Abundance Boxes delivered from Vive Juicery are a bright point in sheltering at home

by Kelsey

This is a wild time we’re living in and a bright point is places like Vive Juicery stepping up and filling needs in the community. On Friday I ordered their new Abundance Box on their website and Monday morning it showed up on my doorstep – 40 assorted fresh fruits and vegetables from Muir Copper Canyon Farms.

This is great if you’re like us and eat a LOT of plants. It saves you from having to make more frequent grocery trips for fresh stuff and their delivery options span the whole valley (Ogden to Provo) and even Park City. Boxes are $30 and only $5 for delivery (or free pickup). Even in ordinary circumstances this is a steal but especially now.

They gave us descriptions of which items would be in our box (which type of aromatic, root, starch, citrus, snack food, etc.) and it arrived exactly as we expected. All of it was clean and in good shape (I can be picky about what produce I get at the store) and no extra wasteful packaging in the sturdy box. You can choose your contactless delivery time and the driver texts when they are on their way and after they’ve dropped it off. They also have detailed information about their sanitation practices which meet or exceed CDC and Department of Agriculture regulations.

We recognize the privilege of fresh produce (and now delivery!) and are grateful for all the hardworking people in Utah serving the public in these challenging days. Definitely going to continue to order Abundance Boxes through this period of sheltering at home.

– Kelsey Ramos-Conroy

Just a reminder that I am never paid to promote or advertise for anyone so these are my unbiased opinions. See my Ethics page for more information.

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