Review: Joe’s Pizza

by Kelsey
Joe's Pizza: Fresh Mozzarella slice closeup

New Yorkers stuck in Los Angeles: have no fear. Joe’s Pizza serves up authentic NY-style pies and slices – you can tell it’s authentic because the guys behind the counter make you feel like you’re in Brooklyn and not next to the Promenade. One of the customers next to me even spoke with a Long Island accent.

The mozzarella slice ($3) is like heaven to New Yorkers away from home: the thinnest of thin crust, crispy all the way through, with only a drizzle of fresh tomato sauce to accompany the to-die-for mozzarella marbling the top. It is topped with fresh basil right before they serve it to you and the puddles of oil on top are pure olive oil, no orange take-out-pizza grease allowed. Try to eat your first bite without chili pepper flakes or parmesan cheese – it is so good in its purest form and you can always add pepper flakes afterwards.

Joe’s also offers regular toppings like pepperoni and mushrooms that you can add for $0.75 to a slice, $3.00 to a pie – these are supposed to be quite good as well. I especially love that fresh pies come out multiple times an hour – my slice was the first from a pizza right from the oven, and it makes a difference.

The seating at the Santa Monica location is limited with only about 6 tables and a short countertop, but few customers take their time to savor their slice so you can generally always find a seat. Next time you are near the Promenade, skip the overpriced chains and junkie food vendors – try some real New York pizza from the pros.

Joe’s Pizza
111 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-midnight, Friday-Saturday: 10am-2am
(310) 395-9222
Free 3-hour garage parking on Broadway and 3rd street

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