Noshing on the News: In-N-Out v. Fatburger, the Guatemalteca, “Aperitif Time”

by Kelsey

What we’re noshing on right now in the food news:

  • LA Times’ Daily Dish reports that downtown’s newly opened Magnolia starts its happy hour today (M-F 4-7pm) with $4 beers (like Stella and Bud Light), $7 select cocktails (apple martinis, cosmos, and greyhounds), and four wines for $5 a glass. Don’t miss the yummy $6 appetizers like sweet potato fries and chicken satay skewers. LA Times’ Daily Dish
  • The LAist’s most recent Recession Obsession is Guatemalteca, a Guatemala fast food joint and market.
  • Find out how Santa Monica’s Il Forno hasn’t fired any of its 32 employees during the recession. Huffington Post
  • Vote on NBC’s Best Burger Under $5: Is it In-N-Out or Fatburger?
  • LA Times’ Daily Dish also reports that Drago Centro is now offering its own “Aperitif Time” with specially priced drinks and Italian bar food. LA Times’ Daily Dish

Photograph from by mihail minkov.

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