Review: Xooro: Premium Spanish Fritters

by Kelsey
Xooro: Premium Spanish Fritters

The “Premium Spanish Fritters” (see: gourmet churros) at Xooro in Santa Monica are so delicious-looking and sounding on the menu that you almost expect to be a little disappointed. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Xooro delivers with its small sizes and steep prices.

The dessert place offers spectacular combinations of crunchy fritters, some coated or laced with chocolate, nuts, and caramel, with fillings like dulce de leche, chocolate, raspberry, tiramisu, or mango. Some of the more deluxe fritters – like the Peanut Butter Lover and the Raspberry White Chocolate, among others – are a little pricier at $3.88. A chocolate fritter with choice of filing is $3.65. They also offer coffee and drinks like the Mexican hot chocolate ($3.50).

While my cinnamon-sugar fritter filled with warm Nutella was a sweet new surprise and the right crispy-soft ratio, it was much too small (about 6in) to be worth the $3.41 asking price (for any regular churro with choice of filling). With tax (for dining in), it came out to be more than my entire slice of fresh mozzarella pizza at Joe’s.

Some would say that I am a product of our Super-Sized culture, and I must say that the fritter was the perfect amount for a single person. But really, folks, it was just too expensive. Some Yelper wrote that the $2 churro vendors on the pier are a much better deal, and I would have to agree.

Xooro: Premium Spanish Fritters
125 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Sunday-Thursday: 12pm-9pm, Friday-Saturday: 12pm-11pm

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Rabbittrick April 18, 2009 - 3:06 am

“…are so delicious-looking and sounding on the menu that you almost expect to be a little disappointed”

good one! love it =)


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