Noshing on the News: National Doughnut Day, Healthy Ice Cream, First LEED-Certified Starbucks

by Kelsey

Doughnuts are in the air…all over the nation. Some doughnuty-infused news goodness for you today:

  • National Doughnut Day today: LA Times’ Elina Shatkin honors a day Homer Simpson would rejoice about with her list of the Best Doughnuts in L.A. On the list are Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood and Westwood’s own Stan’s Corner Donut Shoppe. The Guide

  • Some pretty photos and cute ideas for Five Outdoor Breakfasts. The Kitchn
  • The first LEED-certified Starbucks location in Seattle is right down the street from the first-ever Pike Place Starbucks. Serious Eats writes: “Starbucks thinks it will bring us back to nature, giving us the appearance we’re in a lazy Northeastern town while deceiving us with LED lighting and specialty hand driers,” yet points out some pluses about the famous coffee chain as well. Serious Eats

  • Ice Cream as Health Food?: What the Atlantic thinks of calcium-infused ice cream, part of the new functional food phenomenon. The Atlantic Food Channel

  • In his recent review, LA Weekly’s Jonathan Gold seemed to like the new Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, located inside L.A. Live. LAW

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