Food with a Twist: Spherical ice, an opera pasta timer, MJ cookies

by Kelsey
Hey frugal fans! To explain my little hiatus: I have been keeping busy with moving into a new apartment, finding a job (success!) and those inevitable weddings, funerals, and lovely family visits.

These are some old links, but I’ve brought them back to life since I need some time in the meantime to scramble around for some new, fun link fodder. Enjoy:

  • According to Gourmet, these spherical ice cubes (above) are not only beautiful and cool to look at, but they serve a practical purpose as well: spheres have less surface area than cubes, making the ice melt more slowly in your drink, diluting it less quickly. via The Kitchn
  • My new roommate just returned from a year studying abroad in Japan, so this seems very appropriate: following the cool Japanese rice paddy art we wrote about in July, Japan now wins the record for the world’s largest hamburger, with their burger creation weighing over 300lbs. Japan Probe

  • Tired of looking at sad headlines? Check out the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s hot dog dressing contest: you’ll see Harry Potter, a weiner in a sauna, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, all in edible form. Serious Eats
  • We all have silly things taking up space in our kitchen drawers (Ice cube grabbers? Butter curlers? Coffee filter separators??) but don’t pass up on this one — especially if you’re in the singing business, or a friend is. This Al Dente Pasta Timer is operatic: as in it actually sings to you when your pasta is finished. There are different opera songs after 7, 9, and 11 minutes. The Kitchn

  • Even though Michael Jackson’s funeral was last night, you can still honor the late music legend with these Michael Jackson tribute cookies — in the shape of Jackson’s trademark glove. The Amateur Gourmet

  • We heard from Eater LA about the Monster Gummy Bear, which weighs almost a pound and has a height of nearly 6 inches. No more popping those gummies in your mouth — you might have to eat this one with a giant fork. The Village Voice
Photo of spherical ice used with permission from Flickr user hbart.

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