Count me a fan of @3_cups_coffee late nights with wine and charcuterie. On Friday nights there is also live music and it was the chill vibe we needed for girls’ night. Everyone else must have had the same idea because the café was packed. 

Okay, let’s talk about the food. The charcuterie is build-your-own and it’s so fun to get to pick the two sides (pictured in the cups) that are included with the toasts and the pickled veg, and then you add on any cheeses or meats you fancy. 

The fig jam was delish and really loved the cheese selection. I am a sucker for a good Gouda. Solid wine selection, offered by the glass or bottle.

Loved the presentation of the Prosecco we chose and the modern glassware.

Their indoor dining room was closed for awhile the last couple years (understandably) and I am so thrilled to see this beautiful view again with my actual eyeballs. 

It’s the best place to get some work done, take in the downtown Holladay scene, grab an amazing baked good or cup of gelato, or listen to live music on Friday nights. A trio of serious chess players were there last time I visited and it was so fun to watch.

I already loved the fresh baked goods and espresso at 3 Cups during the daytime hours but their evening outfit solidifies its spot as MVP of downtown Holladay. Highly recommend.

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