Noshing on the News: Tax Day Deals, The New Pizzeria, Monterey Park Surprises

by Kelsey

Some food news to satisfy your hunger:

  • Enjoy your lettuce cups without tax: Find some tax day restaurant deals to ease your mind or spend your refund early. LA Times’ Daily Dish highlights some of them, including 15% off your total food bill at P.F. Chang’s. Daily Dish
  • One of the new SoCal food trends is the upscale pizzeria: with Pizzeria Mozza and others like it, Frugal Nosh is jumping on the bandwagon and will review some of these ASAP. For now, see Eater LA’s review of one of the new clones: Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa. Eater LA
  • The new LA foodie’s destination is, surprisingly, not in LA: it’s in Monterey Park. In this seafood-lover heaven, the LAist recently found a few good cheap seafood eats there, worth checking out even if it is a little cringe-worthy sometimes. Let us know how you like the soup that “seems to contain everything that was leftover from the kitchen in a murky brown liquid.” LAist
  • And on that note, also check out San Gabriel’s Hunan restaurants. The LA Times writes about the hot pots, smoked foods, and other rural specialities offered here. LA Times

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