Justification for lack of posting: I don’t have a Smartphone.

by Kelsey
Felt Pop-Tarts

Really. I feel like that’s a genuinely valid excuse. If I were to write to my Frugal Nosh fans, I would write about food but since I care so much about the visual experience I cannot write about food without at least a photograph. Just one. Even a crappy one taken from a 4 megapixel iPhone camera.

Is the new iPhone 4G coming sometime this summer a light at the end of this noshing tunnel? I think so. At least for me.

In other news, a friend and I have started planning a trip to Imperial Valley’s Salvation Mountain after reading this totally awesome profile by the LA Times of its creator, Leonard Knight. We were brainstorming what questions we’d like to ask the “self-described ‘hobo-bird'”, and friend said he thought Mr. Knight might eat Pop-Tarts for breakfast. I scoffed, postulating that eggs+maple syrup was more likely, or biscuits and gravy, or at least just donuts and coffee (he seems so old-fashioned, but in a hip way), but then friend said blueberry Pop-Tarts, which sounded so nice, and backed it up saying the guy has no kitchen and has led a long bachelor life…which is when blueberry Pop-Tarts started sounding very probable.

So, since I have no iPhone or ability to zap my photos from my bulky digital camera onto my computer, we’ll go with the (usually far superior) shots from my Creative Commons friends on Flickr — and this incredibly adorable felt Pop-Tart (less calories than the real thing, believe it or not.)

If you’ve read about him or want to check out the profile above, what do you think Leonard Knight eats for breakfast?

Photo: Felt Pop-Tarts. Credit: Used under Creative Commons license from Jessica Wilson / Flickr

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