Trader Joe’s in Salt Lake City

by Kelsey

Trader Joe’s is coming to Utah! Trader Joe’s is coming to Utah!!! reported Tuesday that that Trader Joe’s, the specialty grocery store that sells affordable gourmet and imported foods (most notably, its line of $2 “Two Buck Chuck” Charles Shaw wine), would be in Salt Lake by the end of the year in its new downtown location.

Sadly, it seems they won’t be selling any Two Buck per Utah state laws but I am still beyond myself with excitement. I may have even done a little dance in the living room when I saw the post from a friend on Facebook.

This was my last shopping trip at Trader Joe’s when I went to California to visit my family, limited only by the size of my empty suitcase I brought along with me to fill up with TJ’s loot:

I love Trader Joe's

And this is one of the best trail mixes ever (I think it’s called Sweet and Salty or something along those lines) with white chocolate chips, almonds, dried cranberries, golden raisins, etc. – of course from TJ’s:

Trail Mix Win

We ate it with great delight a few months ago on a big hike to the highest point on Antelope Island, Frary Peak. But alas, unable to stock up – until now! I also will be able to buy my super cheap and awesome sunscreen (it’s so expensive in other stores!), frozen sliced bell peppers (apparently no other grocery store sells these), and cous cous that doesn’t cost a fortune. Le sigh. You may never get me to leave Salt Lake now…

Trader Joe’s, welcome back into my life.

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