The Aerie Restaurant at Snowbird Mountain Resort

by Kelsey
Aerie Restaurant
Spicy tuna at the Aerie lounge
I’ve dined at both the Aerie restaurant and lounge many times – with groups of friends and solo – and have always been pleased with the steady service, nice dishes, top-notch ambiance and lovely views.
The atmosphere is beautiful – the restaurant is open and airy (see what I did there?) yet romantic and quiet.
However, the star of the restaurant is of course the stunning cliffside views of Snowbird resort. They are beautiful in any season.
Their bar is consistent and very good.
I’ve ordered the blackberry mojito mocktail (blackberries, mint, lime, simple syrup, soda water, fresh blackberry & mint leaves, $6), which at one visit was generously comped because the kitchen was out of mint, and their substitute drink was delicious.
For appetizers, the edamame appetizer ($7) is standard but a generous portion and cooked perfectly. The shishito peppers appetizer was exciting! Blistered peppers with a sauce of white truffle hoisin, sweet chili aïoli ($10) and like a dinner Russian roulette you never knew which pepper was going to be normal and which was going to be searingly hot and have you slathering for your drink.
The lounge has a very adequate food menu and there is a creative selection of small plates. I especially enjoyed the fresh take on the beet salad, with puffed quinoa, hazelnuts, shaved Beehive cheddar, house honey-thyme vinaigrette. Have also tried the spicy tuna bite with fried rice, gochujang, avocado mousse. 
The wild mushroom ravioli entrée with roasted garlic alfredo sauce and roasted tomatoes ($23) is good for those who like a rich, stick-to-your-bones dish.
I do wish there were a couple more vegetarian entrees but the only other option at dinner is a portobello mushroom sandwich. If you’re a steak or seafood fan, it seems like the Aerie might appeal more to you.
For dessert, the salted caramel crème brulee is lovely (but I am partial to crème brulee).
We’ve had hit or miss service but generally it’s all very good. One server was jumpy when we asked to look at a dinner menu before the full dinner menu had started (sometimes they offer a limited menu until 4pm). Maybe this is a sore point with the staff.
Generally speaking, they are professional. They pay attention to detail like seating us far away from all other parties and right next to the window (huge pet peeve when all tables are empty and they cram you next to another party). Never had issues with things like a split bill or substitutions.
I had a very good server in the lounge when I had a solo working dinner. He knew the menu well and his cocktail suggestions were on point with what I hoped for – the fresh rosemary gimlet was strong and fresh and not too sweet. 
I’ve seen families with children there at this early hour and they have a kids’ menu but I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing my own kids here during the dinner rush.
Is the restaurant perfect? No, of course not. I can only imagine that the mixed reviews online are by disappointed visitors with expectations of such.
I’ve enjoyed all my experiences at Aerie and I would be pleased to return again for any occasion.

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