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by Kelsey
Coffee at Kean's in Newport Beach, CA

These are not necessarily the most recent or themed in any sort of way, but just recipes, stories, news that I’ve been seeing and relishing from around the Web.

  • Orangette is a favorite blogger, not just because she uses cute Polaroid-style photos of food, but also because she’s real about her life. Most recently, she shares about her grandmother’s recent passing, and inheriting her recipe box (plus, a recipe for a cinnamon toast like you’ve never seen). Orangette
  • Straight-up news: Mercury levels in supermarket sushi may be lower than at those fancy places. LAT

  • I agree with David Lebovitz — “I refuse to use a dull knife.” Here, he talks in (very easy to read and helpful) detail about how to care for those blades. Bonus: His brand recommendations include affordable options for you frugals. David Lebovitz

  • Self-explanatory: ‘I Ordered a Pizza from Papa John’s and Asked for Extra Peppers’. via Serious Eats

  • Have you tried any of these? “Beer cheese and pizza-sized pretzels: Dodger Stadium’s new menu items for 2010 season.” LAT

  • As soon as I have time to start cooking again: baked rigatoni with tiny meatballs. Smitten Kitchen

Tell me what you’ve been reading in the comments section below.

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Photo: A specialty coffee from Kéan Coffee in Newport Beach. Credit: Kelsey Ramos

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Gaijin Jillian May 9, 2010 - 7:41 pm

I've had some nice beer cheese before…but not at any fancy schmancy stadium.

Also, you are very right about my long sentences–the first paragraph, in fact, is one sentence only. But really, I feel it's my economical duty to stuff as much as I can into a sentence; I want to really get my money's worth.


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