Frugal Nosh is CitySearch’s’s Newest Dictator!

by Kelsey

Earlier this week, Frugal Nosh wrote about CitySearch’s exciting new…but what we didn’t know is that Frugal Nosh would be asked to become its newest LA Dictator. (!!!)

3BuckBites is a new food guide and food porn heaven by CitySearch for those “who crave cheap eats while satisfying their visual pleasures.”

The team of “Dictators” (including Jeff Zalaznick of New York’s AlwaysHungry and Jonathan Baker of CitySearch Atlanta – and now Frugal Nosh!) posts great quality foodie finds for $3.99 and under from their cities – including New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Preview
an example of a “3BuckBite” from the website

We loved this site before and now love it even more. We strongly recommend you utilize this website for finding great frugal bites around your big-city travels and comment on your favorite finds! When Frugal Nosh posts on the site, we will update our blog readers and Twitter followers so they can stay up with the latest.

More updates about 3BuckBites soon.

Check out 3BuckBites here:
and see Frugal Nosh with the other Dictators here:

Images used with permission from CitySearch and
See Frugal Nosh’s writeup about here:

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hera! March 21, 2009 - 9:10 pm

omg. this sounds super exciting but I’m not really sure what it means so you will have to explain it to me in detail next time we speak. but I’m pretty sure a CONGRATS is in order…!!


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