Noshing on the News: Cheap Aspen Eats, Westwood’s Pinkberry Closes, and Bacon Vodka

by Kelsey

Some tasty news for a lovely Thursday:

  • The fascination with bacon continues, as New York Magazine’s Grub Street reports a new Bakon vodka that tastes like (you guessed it) that favorite pork product. New York Magazine
  • Watching your wallet: Have Cinco de Mayo at home, with gourmet treats and easy-to-make beverages. Daily Dish
  • You say goodbye (Pinkberry), I say hello (Yogurtland): Westwood’s Pinkberry closes its doors, says Eater LA. Eater LA
  • An article in the Wall Street Journal says that Starbucks will start a new price campaign in response to falling profits that will raise the prices of some specialized drinks and lower the prices of simpler ones. WSJ
  • Take one last trip to the snow…and eat well, cheaply: Frimfram Sauce writes about surprisingly cheap eats in a most assuredly un-cheap place, Aspen, Colorado. Frimfram Sauce
  • What do farmers do with all of that extra fruit left on their trees? The Daily Dish reports about Food Forward, a nonprofit grassroots organization that picks leftover fruits from the trees and then supplies food banks with the goods. Daily Dish

Pinkberry photo used with permission from Flickr user Roboppy.

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