Baskin-Robbins’ 88-Cent Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone

by Kelsey

Can’t bear being overwhelmed by 31-plus choices? Aren’t quite sold on the trendyness of frozen yogurt? Try Baskin Robbins’ new smooth and creamy soft-serve vanilla ice cream cone option.

It’s simple, classic, and delicious, and at their price right now of $0.88 for a generous 6oz cone (at participating locations), it’s certainly a whole lot easier on your pocketbook than two-fifty for a regular ice cream scoop.

And if you’re not a vanilla fan, try the “Magic Sprinkles,” which flavor the ice cream with watermelon, berry, and grape flavors when sprinkled on top.

According to the website, the offer expires May 25 soft-serve ice cream is here to stay.

To find a location near you, visit the website
Photo credit: Kelsey Ramos

Baskin-Robbins 88-cent soft-serve cone

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