Noshing on the News: 99-Cent Organic Produce, Sad Starbucks Fans, 100 Things to Try in LA Before You Die

by Kelsey

Some little bites of the latest in L.A. food news and frugal saving tips:
  • Closing Starbucks locations affects not only the company, but the fans as well: a Starbucks fan “Winter” is on a mission to visit every Starbucks in the world. Even with more than 9,000 under his belt, Winter is running into an economic blizzard as locations are closing faster than he can visit them. WSJ
  • We thought the best part of Eating L.A.‘s review of Figueroa Produce was in the little caption below the photo: “The piece de resistance of Figueroa Produce is the 99 cent organic produce selection — take that, Whole Paycheck!” Read more about the deals of this “anti-Fresh-n-Easy” market. Eating L.A.
  • I am a huge fan of lists of people’s favorite things: Caroline on Crack‘s beautiful collage/list of photos and must-sees in L.A., entitled “100 Things to Try in LA Before You Die” is definitely a keeper. Among them: Kogi BBQ’s Korean short rib tacos, rattlesnake and rabbit with jalapeno at Wurstkuche, and samples of everything from Scoops. Caroline on Crack
  • Since we are always looking for the latest frugal advice, we loved Epicurious‘ “35 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Food Dollars,” which includes tips, recipes, and how-tos for making cheaper meatless meals, making your own cold-cuts, and making soups that make the most out of your purchases with quality products and tastes. Epicurious
  • Secret Supper Clubs (also known as Underground Dining) is still the hot alternative to stuffy restaurants and expensive corkage fees. la.foodblogging recently blogged about the experience with one of LA’s secret clubs, Chicks with Knives, which gives a unique sneak peek into the culture of underground dining. la.foodblogging

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